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Giving Back

One of my goals for For Eva After is to give back to the community. 

So, this is how it will work.  Each month will be dedicated to promoting and supporting a specific charity.  Rahab Ministries will be the exception.  This amazing organisation has always had a soft spot in my heart and I want to constantly support them and I totally encourage you to do the same.  

We will hit the ground running with Rahab Ministries being the featured organisation for April.  

Continue below for more info on this incredible team of people and the change they are making in this world.

If you would like to join me in supporting these amazing organisations please join For Eva After today.  You can help make a difference too.

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A Good Cause Worth Your Support - Help support the fight against sex trafficking by supporting Rahab Ministries. For Eva After

Confession. I have never been a big giver to charity

Confession. I have never been a big giver to charity.  Not because I haven’t wanted to. More of a combination of always finding an excuse or not finding a charity that I was really passionate about.  (I know that sounds incredibly selfish, but please believe me, it is not like that).  One exception to this is Rahab Ministries.

Rahab Ministries is a charity based in Thailand that is trying to rid the country of prostitution and sex trafficking of women and children.  It is one of the world’s fastest growing criminal industries and one of the biggest human rights issues.

Generally it starts with women travelling from their villages to Bangkok in search of employment to help provide for their families.  Unfortunately, the majority of these women are uneducated which leads to a severe lack in work opportunities.


“Over 4000 women and young girls work in the red-light district of Patpong each night.”


Over 4000 women (young girls included) work in the red-light district of Patpong each night.  Did I mention that these are tourist bars?  That’s right, people travel from all over the world just to use this “service.”  I don’t know about you but this leaves a big empty pit in the bottom of my stomach.


“The customer will choose the girl and pays the bar to use her for the night.”


Rahab Ministries - A good cause worth your support - Charity


The women are employed on a monthly retainer and only receive two nights off per month. The customer will choose the girl and pays the bar to use her for the night.  She does not see this money, it is up to her to negotiate with the customer on how much she will receive personally.  She will also be paid a percentage of each drink that is bought for her.


 Rahab Ministries - A good cause - Charity


Where does Rahab Ministries fit in?

Rahab Ministries is a Christian organisation that has been situated smack bang in the middle of this red-light district for over 25 years.  Their goal is to get as many of these women out of this industry as possible and show Gods love to these precious women.

The only way the Rahab Outreach team can access the bars is to buy Cola for the women, this enables them to engage in conversation to start to build a foundation of trust and relationship.

Rahab Ministries takes these girls from the life of prostitution and employs them in either jewelry making, nail art or hairdressing while also teaching them English. Retraining them in a safe Christian environment where they can learn about Jesus, allows a change to happen inside out.

After they have recovered and reached a confidence to try to support themselves, they encourage them to find a trade that suits them, and to pursue it with Rahab Ministries’ initial support. As they do well in their trade, the Ministry begins to step back while continuing to keep them in prayer.

They can now begin to live as strong, independent women again.

Whether you personally believe in God or not, I’m sure we can all agree that abolishing this horrible industry needs to be a priority.  I just think about my own daughter being forced in to this situation and the thought makes me sick to my core.

One of my blogging goals is to support a charity by giving a percentage of my profits when I start to monetize For Eva After.


Rahab Ministries has pulled at my heart strings and is the organisation that I am choosing to support.


I encourage you to visit the Rahab Ministries site to find out more for yourself.

So please, click the link below and help make a difference in these beautiful women and girls lives.  Every dollar counts.


If you would like to hear updates about Rahab Ministries please don't forget to join For Eva After.  Thank you.



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