6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.

6 Of My Favourite Pieces In My Home

If I could have been anything I would have been an interior designer.  I know what you are thinking, "Why aren't you?"  Well, when I was a very impressionable teenager, a careers adviser organised for me to meet with a local interior designer to chat with her about the industry.  This women then went on by saying that I shouldn't even bother perusing this particular career path because if I didn't know anyone, then I wouldn't make it. Wow, thanks lady. What a way to shatter a 15 year olds dreams.  From what I know now, it is a tough industry to crack.  But, even if she was right, she definitely didn't let me down gently. Who knows, I could have been great.  So, for now, my love and passion for furniture, colours and home decor will have to stay confined to my own four walls.  

Unfortunately, going down to one income and adding another mouth to feed to our little family means that this particular passion of mine has come to an even bigger halt (new cushion or nappies for the week?.....hmmm).  So, I can either sulk about it or I can get creative and use what I have.  The other thing this has made me truly think about is the fact that we actually have a lot of stuff.  We are blessed and there are a lot of people out there that would feel so incredibly grateful to have what we do.  Even though it is not the furniture and decor of my dreams, it could be a heck of a lot worse.  As much as I would love to do a complete overhaul, my new life situation has really made me learn to be content with what I have.  I don't have the latest and greatest of everything but, it is not a need.  It is a want.    

So, I got to thinking. Instead of focusing of everything I would love to change why don't I focus on the items that I do really love?  Here goes...



My bookcase is made of five rough and completely untouched crates.  Maybe the up-cycle trend of crates and pallets is done and dusted but I actually really love this bookcase.  It somehow brings a little texture and rugged personality to our living area.  It isn't mixy-matchy with the rest of our furniture but it ties in well with the natural earthy tones I have gone for which is a combination of light wood and grey with little pops of navy and brassy gold.

The best thing about this piece of furniture is that it was completely FREE! Josh grabbed the crates that were left lying around from his Christmas work party and banged it together himself.  Homemade is always better anyway. 


Favourite Pieces In My Home

Don't hate, I loved Twilight when it came out OK.


World Map Canvas

I love maps and globes!  (I really want a globe).  This is actually a map showing the principal steamship routes and submarine cables, making it a little unique from most world maps.  It is navy with touches of brass which ties in perfectly with the rest of our living room.  This was a bargain!  Purchased from Nood for $150 (roughly).  HALF PRICE. Was definitely a spur of the moment buy but how could we not?!  I love art and it can really bring a room together.

My one piece of simple advice when purchasing art would be to really consider the space you are purchasing for and make sure you LOVE it.  Never buy for the sake of buying!


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


Jamie Kay Cross Blanket

There is something about black and white that I just can't step away from.  As much as I would love to add a soft, feminine girly touch to our bedroom I can't resist the clean, crisp monochrome look.  

I am extremely specific about how the bed is made each morning.  Everything has its place.  Including this blanket.  In saying that, on the odd occasion that Josh does make the bed I am grateful for the effort and I do leave it be. (Ha)

The Jamie Kay Cross blanket is a bit of a splurge item though. (Totally worth it).  Luckily, I was completely spoilt and my mother in-law Jo, gave it to me for my birthday. Thank you Jo!

For practical reasons, it is always good.  I am one of those hot sleepers so I hate having lots of layers of bedding, even in winter.  So this is perfect for when it gets a little chilly in the night.  Pretty and practical (also reversible).

Also, I always lean toward plain (generally white) duvets so mixing it up with different throw blankets is my way off adding a point of difference.  Keep it simple people.  Unless you love colour, then heck, go crazy! DO YOU.  


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.

Excuse the white dog hair... seriously, you cannot get rid of it.


Tiger Cushion

I don't know what it is about cushions but I am obsessed with them! Like, I actually cannot get enough. So weird right?  

One of my all time favourite home decor stores is The Design Depot in Hamilton (one day I will own the contents in this store I swear). Casually strolling around the store and what do you know, a bunch of cushions for $10!  (Last seasons, making way for the new).  This little gem was hidden in the stack. I get that there is nothing overly special about it and a tiger might not be to everyone's liking but there is something about it that I love and that is all that matters.  Maybe it's because tigers are my favourite animal.  I don't know.


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


Bedside Tables

Again with the left over crates.  We do actually have proper bedside tables but our teeny tiny bedroom couldn't fit them and the bassinet when Eva moved in, so out they went.  Pieces of wood nailed to the top to create a flat surface and WHA-LA, they were the perfect fit.  Eva has now grown way to fast and is in her own room but, I definitely prefer these. So, until my creative, furniture budget is extended, they are here to stay and that is fine by me.

I find they also add a touch of natural, rustic softness which this otherwise stark room definitely needs.


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

My final pick of the bunch is the round, copper framed mirror in our bedroom. A Kmart buy, would you believe?! 

Everything in our room is very square and straight edge so the round mirror breaks that up a little.  It also ties in the copper bedside lamps.  There is also something about the chain that really appeals to me, maybe it adds a little more depth and texture to the room.  Almost like a piece of art.

Because it is placed on the opposite wall to the windows, it helps bounce the light around the room making it feel that tiny bit lighter, brighter and bigger.


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


The fascinating thing about my 6 favourite items list is that they are far from being the most expensive pieces in our home.  In fact, funnily enough, they are actually some of the cheapest.  As much as we would all love to go and splurge on the most stunning and beautifully unique pieces of furniture, home-wares and accessories, it is totally not necessary. There is always a way to satisfy that design desire by working within the confines of any budget.

Right now, even shopping at Kmart for things like this is not on our to do list.  So, like I said at the start, learning to love and be totally happy and content with what I have right now is so important.  At the end of the day it is only stuff.  Do you need to be more content?  I challenge you to go around your home and find 5 items you love the most and focus on that, not on what you want to change. 

Probably an idea we can and should apply to other areas of our lives too.

What is your most loved item in your home?  Was it a splurge or a save?  Comment below.



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Why I Have Chosen To Join Arbonne.

Arbonne? Network marketing? Ummm, no thank you.  

However, as I am sure a lot of you know by now, I have started a little business as an Arbonne Independent Consultant (GASP!).  Don't worry, my blog is not going to turn in to an Arbonne advertisement.  I just thought I would write a post and share my new journey with you and a bit about why I have chosen to join Arbonne (as a skeptic).

Yup, if you had told me I would have been doing this one year ago I would have laughed you out the door.   I would have told you that these companies are a scam, a big waste of time and the products are all cheap and nasty.  I am sure a lot of you think like I did.  

If I am completely honest (which is what I always try and be with you), money is a big reason I have chosen to join Arbonne.  It's not that I see it as a 'get rich quick' scheme or anything like that.  I know that it is going to take hard work and I am fully OK with that.  But, a couple of extra dollars is not going to go unnoticed in our family.  So number one is to help....

Contribute to my family expenses

6 Tips For First Time Dads

These two right here are my main WHY. 

If you have read any other part of For Eva After you will know that nine months ago Josh and I welcomed our little girl Eva in to the world.  She is my unexpected blessing and even though I hadn't envisioned my life the way it is now quite yet I wouldn't have it any other way.  In saying that, I am now a stay at home mum which means we live off one income.  This is no easy task.  (I am preaching to the choir, right?)  What on earth did we do with two incomes?! I could literally not tell you. It is actually amazing what you can live off when you have no other choice.  Don't get me wrong, it could be a whole lot worse.  We have a roof over our head, food in the cupboard and cozy bed to sleep in but, there isn't room in our budget for a heck of a lot of luxuries. 

I hate that I wasn't earning to help provide for our family, I have always been independent so this is a big deal for me. I also know that I want to be home full time with Eva.  This is also very important to me.  Thankfully, with many sacrifices by us both, we have been able to make that work. But, without sounding ungrateful, this just isn't enough for me.  I want to contribute, I want us to build a family home, I want to take Eva around the world and I want those new shoes damn it! Haha.  

Since Eva was born I have been racking my brain, praying and searching for a way to make this happen.  So last month when I went along to an Arbonne party hosted by one of my best friends, Jade, Abbey introduced me to this business opportunity which quite literally ticked all the boxes. I truly see it as a blessing.  My check list was as follows;

  • Stay at home with Eva. TICK
  • Work around my life and family. TICK
  • Generate income with uncapped earning potential. TICK
  • Have my own business (well, sort of). TICK
  • Get paid to buy and use amazing natural makeup and skincare (wasn't actually on my list but it sure is now! haha). TICK

So far so good, am I right? 

If you want to know a little more about the business opportunity and if it could work for you click this link: Arbonne Opportunity Brochure


Why I choose to join Arbonne


Number two on my list of whys is...

Using natural, good quality products is very important to me.

Over the last few years I have been so put off by using pretty much any skincare product that all I used on my skin was coconut oil.  Yes, I still wore makeup a few times a week which I know is just as bad but, I had not found a suitable alternative so I just put that to the very back of my mind and tried not to think about all those awful toxins soaking in to my body.

At Jade's party I learnt that all Arbonne products are botanically based, not tested on animals, scientifically tested, do not contain any animal products* and do not contain petroleum* (there is a whole list of stuff they do and don't use but we don't need to be here all day).

*Did you know that some companies take dead animals, throw them in to vats and boil them down until all the fat and skin rises to the top and then scrape that off and use it in their skin care as fillers? YUCK.

*Oil companies are not legally allowed to dump petroleum on land or in the sea so they sell it back to cosmetic companies to use as fillers in their products. Petrol on your skin anyone??

These days there are more and more things that are making us sick, giving us cancer and ultimately killing us.  Looking after myself by watching the things I eat, regular exercise and what I use on my skin is really important to me and I love that I can feel safe in the products I am not only selling but am happily using.  I can say wholeheartedly, no matter the earning potential, if this wasn't the case I would not have joined Arbonne.  So, one of my goals with this business is to help and encourage people to start making healthier choices when it comes to the products we use every day.


Why I choose to join Arbonne


Third and final reason...

I need something that is for me.

I know, I know, I want it all right? I want to be a stay at home mum, change the world and fulfill my ambitious desires. How dare I! haha. I am more than just a mama. I am more than just a partner and I want to do more than just housework. I have passions, a brain and skills and I want to use them.  I will go crazy if I don't have something that is outside the world of motherly and domestic duties.  

I have always dreamed of owning my own business.  I know Arbonne isn't exactly mine but, it is the closet I am going to get right now without having to have tens of thousands of dollars to start one.  It is a business that is already establisheed and start up costs were minimal making it something we were happy to invest in.

It is a way that I am finding the new me and what my new family life is going to look like.  I think us mama's are too hard on ourselves sometimes.  We let the mum guilt creep on in when it so important for us to do things for ourselves as well. We should not feel guilty about having passions, dreams and goals outside of our babies.  With my new adventure, it just so happens that it is a financial income for our family and also lets me work around Eva as well, which is pretty cool.


So, there you have it.  A little intro in to my new adventure and why I have decided this is something for me.  I will let you know how it is going in a couple of months.


If you would like to support me or have a nosy at some of the products click on the following...

My Facebook Page: Arbonne - Independent Consultant

Website: www.nastasiakelsen.arbonne.com

Email: nastasia.arbonne@outlook.com


Until next time.




 Dealing With Resentment As A First Time Mum


Dealing with resentment.

Today I am digging deep. I really battled whether to share this post or not as is really only something I would normally share with a couple of close friends. It is a struggle that just seems to be front and center in my head and heart right now.  Dealing with resentment.  

Money and freedom are the two main issue I am struggling with when it comes to dealing with resentment lately.

Going from being completely independent, working full-time, supporting myself, doing what I wanted when I wanted, to not having any of my own income, relying on someone else to pay for everything, being house bound most of the time, not having friends or family around, and every minute of my life being ruled and determined by what this brand new tiny human needed, is extremely hard (then lets throw some good old mum guilt in there for good measure). 

This really sounds awful, like I don't like being a mum but that is obviously not the case.

If you have read the rest of my blog you will know that the start of my relationship with Josh to now being parents to our crazy, beautiful, sassy little girl did not happen the traditional way.  We barely even knew each other when I fell pregnant with Eva but we decided to make it work.  Maybe I wouldn't feel so full of resentment about these things if we were married or had been together for a decent amount of time before Eva came a long.  I do think that the way this all happened has impacted the way I am feeling now.  But, who knows.


Dealing with resentment as a first time mama


Basically, I just miss my freedom.

Yes, Josh's life has changed greatly too.  But, it isn't the same and definitely not to the same extent.  He still goes to work, has friends around, goes away for work semi-regularly so gets a break and going away for a weekend with the boys is also an option for him.  Yes, he now has responsibilities greater than himself and his own needs but, life still holds some resemblance of what is used to be.  And, I am completely resentful of that.

I know that this is the way that it will be for awhile and it is not his fault.  He literally cannot breastfeed our baby and I wanted to be home full time.  This was a choice I made.  It made sense practically and financially as he earnt more money than I.  Taking my initial emotional response out of it, I can honestly say that I do want him to be happy and continue to do things he enjoys with his friends, I am not that much of a monster haha.  But, each time he does go away I am constantly fighting back the feelings of anger and resentment.

Just writing this I feel awful and completely guilty. But, surely I am not the only new mother to experience these feelings?

It's not like he is out partying all the time by any means.  He is a great dad, who loves our daughter and me very much.  He does everything he can to provide us with all that we need.  There are definitely things he can work on but I will be the first to say that I am far from perfect (some days I am just a down right grump ALL DAY).  We are both learning together.

Maybe this is just more of a rant and an emotional outburst more than an actual helpful post.  To be honest, I am still right in the middle of learning to deal with this situation and these feelings.  I am sure you have a better insight in to overcoming them that I do. But, for now this is what I am telling myself;


Dealing with resentment as a first time mama


1.| Life has changed. Get over it. Accept it. - OK, not quite that harsh.

I now really feel like you need to take the time to mourn your old life.  Motherhood is not as glamorous as it looks on TV.  It is bloody hard work!  Life has changed.  That is a fact.  

Now, it is about finding the new you.  Learning how to blend your old life with the new.  If you start to get your head in the right space this can actually be really exciting.  I don't know about you, but I am definitely not the same person as before (well, I am but you get what I mean).  So, if I am not the same person then why would my life continue to look the same?  The thing is, I actually don't want it to be exactly the same, I just want to have parts of it.  This will come again.  Your baby won't depend on you 24/7 like she does now (and you will miss that) and you will get to have free time again. So, for now just enjoy your wee babe and settle in for the ride.  Cherish every moment. (Note to self).


2.| Communication

I have never been amazing at communication.  I am getting better but my thoughts and feelings still tend to build up for a few weeks or even months before they finally spill over and I share them.  In saying this,  I am very careful as to how I come across and the words I choose when I do communicate.  I do not want them to be misinterpreted or said in a wave of uncontrolled emotion.  But, if I don't say he won't know.  (We all know this and don't really need to be told).  Men are not mind readers and will not just pick up on what is wrong and know exactly how to fix it.  I am really trying to be open and honest about the way I am feeling at any given time.  He may not be able to do anything about it but you would be amazed at the weight that is lifted just by letting it all out.


3.| Make time for your relationship.  And yourself.

Remember when you spent hours together just hanging out, going on road trips and spending all your free time just having fun with each other? Yeah well obviously that is all a distant memory right about now. It is so easy to let your baby take over every part of your life, especially when they are brand new. Don't get me started on the absolute exhaustion!  But, making time for each other is really important and this is something we are still learning to do. (Actually, we suck at it.  Work in progress).

Find new things to do together and explore some of your own interests now that you spend so much more time at home.  Get creative.  Look on good old Pinterest.  Start a blog - that's what I did. 

If you intentionally work on it, it will get better and you will find yourself in a much more positive state of mind.


Dealing with resentment as a first time mama.


4.| Give it time.

This is a massive change.  You have done and been through a roller-coaster of events and emotions. Life is always going to be different but it won't be like this forever.  Your baby won't need you the way they need you now.  Enjoy these precious moments being home and being needed in such an intimate way. Soon they will be gone.

You will find your rhythm.

You will find your stride.

You will find your place.

You will find you again.


Did you struggle with dealing with resentment?


Sorry if this really does read as an emotional vomit.  But, I really just want to be straight up and honest about my thoughts and they way I am feeling at any given time. I did write this post a wee while ago now so things have changed a bit (for the better) but that is for another post on another day.




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6 Tips For First Time Dads

6 Tips For First Time Dads

We understand you are working to support us and we love you for it.  We appreciate you for it, even if complete exhaustion doesn’t allow us to always express it.  You may think there isn’t much you can do but you have no idea how helpful you can be. So, here are 6 tips for first time dads to help us in this crazy new adventure.

Please remember, even though we aren’t receiving a pay check, we are working harder than we ever have before.  We are on call 24/7 with no weekends.


1. Look after us

I will point out that we are more than capable of looking after ourselves but sometimes we don’t want to.

We spend 24 hours a day (literally) looking after this wee baby while still doing our best by making sure your basic needs are looked after too (washing, cooking dinner etc).  We actually don’t mind doing this by the way.  As much as it is something that needs doing it is also a way we show you we love you.

But, taking initiative and helping out around the house without being asking will NOT go unnoticed.  Of course, it is still nice when you ask if there is anything you can do but, look around, could the floors do with a vacuum? Are the dishes pilling up?  Is there a load of laundry that needs to be folded?


6 Tips For First Time Dads


Looking after us means you need to….

2. Take control

Take the baby.  You know we are absolutely shattered and would kill for a minute of free time.  Don’t ask us if we want a break, just do it, and send us on our merry way to soak in a nice hot bath, watch some trashy TV,  go out for coffee with a friend or most likely, take a nap.  Better yet, run the bath for us.  Trust me, we will be more than grateful and might just cry (in a good way) because we are so overwhelmed with exhaustion, hormones and emotion.


6 Tips For First Time Dads


To be able to take control you need to….

3. Know our baby

Learn how to:

  • Comfort her.
  • Tell whether she is hot/cold/tired/hungry (and how to fix these).
  • Know what her favourite toys are.
  • Know what to pack in the nappy bag if you go out.

This is a simple list and if you don’t know, ask.  We will be more than happy to show you.  Nothing beats getting in there and giving it a go though.  You will most likely do things a bit differently to us, we may cringe but that is our issue and unless its life threatening we probably just need to take a step back.  Basically, practice makes perfect.


6 Tips For First Time Dads


To get to know our baby you need to….

4. Spend time with our baby

This not only helps us out but we LOVE watching you bond and spend time with this unbelievably cute, pooping, puking bundle of joy we have created together.  There is something about it that makes our hearts melt.  You have no idea how much we love this demanding little creature and to see you loving her too is everything.

If your baby is being nursed, you might think there isn’t a lot you can do.  Wrong.  When they are brand you might only be able to cuddle and talk to them but, apart from feeding, that’s all we actually do too.  When they get a little older they love interaction. 

  • Play with the toys with them.
  • Read books (Eva loves books right now)
  • They are seriously nosy little things so, take them for a walk around the block and explore the neighborhood together.
  • Take them to the park (there are usually baby swings)
  • Talk to them, make funny faces and silly noises, let them grab your face and watch them giggle.  (Eva currently loves to suck on Josh’s nose which I find a bit yuck but like I said previously…if it ain’t killing them let them be).

Bonding with your baby now will set such a good foundation for an even better relationship down the road.


6 Tips For First Time Dads


5. Talk to us

I mean, really talk to us.  Ask how we are going? How are we coping? How are we feeling?  Listen and respond.  I know this isn’t your most favourite of things to do but you know we need it and it means a lot to us.  We also care about the way you are feeling too.

I know it might seem like there isn’t a lot you can do and you aren’t really needed.  The truth of the matter is, it shows you care and that you appreciate us.  Not feeling appreciated will only lead to resentment and that is not a great road to walk.  Maintaining a relationship with a new baby is hard enough as it is.  Doing these few simple things (OK, some of them will take time and effort) will benefit our whole family and you will have played a big part in that.


6 Tips For First Time Dads


Last but definitely not least…

6. Take the photo

When I look through my photos there are soooo many of just Eva or Eva with her daddy. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of Eva and I, apart from the selfies.  As much as I don't particularly enjoy being photographed I would love my life with Eva to be documented.  Not only do I want to be able to look back fondly at the special moments and memories we shared but I would love for them to exist for her and her children to look back on even after I am gone.

So, dads, pick up that phone or camera or whatever and take the shot.  Take the shot when we haven't gotten out of our pajamas, haven't done our hair and are snuggling on the couch with our babes. Take the shot when we are walking hand in hand with our mini-me's down the footpath or along the beach.  Take the shot when we sit and read with our little munchkins as they soak up every bit of information. Just Take The Shot. It will mean so much to us even though we main complain at the time of how awful we think we look.


6 Tips For First Time Dads


We need you, we want you and we love you.

Happy Wife. Happy Life (ha)




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8 Things To Expect After A C-Section And How To Survive Them - What I wish I would have know.

Post C-Section Survival

If you have read my birth story post you will know that what I planned to be a natural birth took a turn for worst.  Eva’s heart rate dropped dramatically and I was rushed off to surgery to have an emergency C-Section. So, here is my 8 things to expect after a c-section and how to survive them.

Obviously, the true implications of having a c-section were not revealed until the days ahead, when I was not so incredibly drugged up.

WARNING....TMI ahead.

1. Peeing

You will have had a catheter put in (when you are either knocked out, like I was, or still completely numb) which seems kind of yucky but it is actually amazing.  I was a little terrified of moving so not even having to think about getting up to go to go for a wee was great.  If you are worried about them taking it out, don't.  It really isn't as bad as it seems.  Also, once they have taken it out make sure you do pee within the next few hours.  They will ask if you have to make sure it is all working as it should. You do not want them to have to put the catheter back in!

8 things to expect after c-section and how to survive them

2. Get up and get moving

You will be strongly encouraged to get up and walk around the next day (carefully & cautiously).  They want you to move around as it will help with the healing process.  I know it is scary but you will be OK.  Just take it slow.  My nurse made me get up and have a shower.  She had to help me get undressed and dressed again which in everyday life may be weird but, seeing as my dignity was left somewhere far far away I couldn't care less and you will be the same.  Plus, they have done this a million times before and really don't care either.


3. Shower

A shower is a slow process but for me, taking the time to have a shower when baby was sleeping or Josh was cuddling her, made me feel so much better.  Just feeling clean was so refreshing and gave me a little extra energy which I desperately needed (I have never been so exhausted in my entire life!) .  As much as having Josh around and people coming to visit was lovely, having a shower was also a few minutes to be alone which was nice.  You need to take a sec just to clear your head.

8 things to expect after c-section and how to survive them

4. Bleeding

You will still bleed, quite a lot.  WHAT?! I know right, just when you thought there was an upside.  You didn’t even push this baby out of your hoohaa and you still have to deal with the granny panties and the pads that resemble diapers.  Like my midwife explained to me, no matter how you gave birth you have still given birth.  Everything has been removed.  This basically leaves a giant wound in your abdomen which needs to heal so, without going in to too much detail that is what is happening and bleeding is just an inevitable part of the process.


5. Pooping

Laxatives are your friend!  The 20 different kinds of pain meds that you are on are not doing your bowels any favours and trust me, pushing is not something that you’ll want to be doing let alone be dealing with constipation.  Enough said. Moving on.


6. Fear of bursting open

I was promised that it was not possible for my abdomen to burst open from coughing, laughing or going to the bathroom but it sure did feel like it!  Keep a pillow nearby and hold it firmly to your abdomen when you need to cough or laugh.  It will help with the pressure.

8 things to expect after c-section and how to survive them

7. Pain

Keep on top of your pain meds.  You might think you are feeling OK and decided that you don’t need them.  DO NOT be fooled.  You DO need them.  You will regret it if you stop taking them.  It is easier to keep on top of the pain than to try and get it under control again once you have stopped.  Keep a little pad and pen beside you (or keep note on your phone) the times you take each medication.  You will be so tired, groggy from what you are taking and just focused on your new precious bundle that you won’t remember when or what you took last.


8. Let the people help

You will feel useless but that’s OK.  You have been pregnant for nine months, if you are anything like me you have been in labour for the good part of 24 hours, and have just had major surgery.  If that isn't enough to deserve people running around after you I don't know what is!   Your family and friends will want to help and you need to let them.  Yes, you are a new mum and your job just grew exponentially but right now you need to put yourself first and take the time to rest and heal.

Personally, my recovery didn’t take that long but everyone is different.  Listen to your body.  Rest.  Most of all, enjoy being catered to while you can as it is all going to change very soon! Ha.

Hope this helps.



What was your experience of having a c-section? Let me know.


I am super excited to introduce this months Girl Boss!  Meet Keren.  She is the creative mastermind behind KP Designs which consists of herself (obviously), hubby, who helps with the behind the scenes and social media, and of course, her two beautiful babes which are her inspiration for all her amazing pieces.

Keren hand crafts all of her work which consists of extremely cute Peg People, Milestone Cards, Custom Prints and so much more.

First off, welcome Keren! Thank you so much for taking the time in your crazy busy life to share a bit about yourself and KP Designs with us.


Girl Boss - Keren - KP Designs

This is Keren (stunning am I right?!).  Also featuring one of her own products, custom milestone cards.

So, diving right in.....

1. What is your favourite quote?

"Though she be but little, she is fierce" - Shakespeare 

(Obviously a natural Girlboss with that one. LOVE.)


2. What are you reading at the moment?

Lol who has time to read!?..I think the last book I read was a Susanna Roberts one before I had Mr (2.5 years ago!) LOL how bad is that!?


Girl Boss - Keren - KP Designs


3. If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be?

I'd love to go to anywhere in Europe for the day, with a coffee in hand, nowhere to be, nothing to do and my hubby on my arm (sans kids coz man how I long for just some kid free time!)


4. What do you want to be remembered for?

For being kind, hardworking, a good mama and a good friend.


5. How did KP Designs start?  Was it meant to be just a hobby or did you always see it as a business?

It started as a hobby type business when Mr was a newborn, I wanted a way to be able to stay home with him, but help out with the bills.  It has just blossomed from there 🙂


Girl Boss - Keren - KP Designs


6. You have a hubby and two beautiful babies, how do you manage the juggling act of work and life?

Haha, I'm probably the WORST at time management (ask my hubby). But, the things that help are staying on top of household chores, like washing and meals etc. Then making sure you plan your days and weeks. Otherwise a lot can fall through the cracks when you have a sick kid to deal with. If you have a plan and the main tasks taken care of then it's easier to pick up where you left off.


7. What does a day in your life look like?

Get up around 7am - boil jug to make a milo for M and a coffee for me (this is with babe on my hip and toddler at my ankles). Pop some toast in the toaster and then sit down to feed the babe. Turn some Peppa Pig on for Mr and away we go. I pretty much stay home unless I need to run errands or go to mums group. My days revolve around the kids and work. Kids first. Always. Like today, not much work has been done because I had 3 loads of washing to hang, courier parcels to get out, a teething babe and a irritated toddler (post concussion last week). So, I'm quickly typing this up while they have both just woken from 15min cat naps, oh my life! Then no work will really get done besides an email here and there until they are in bed. Then my time begins haha. #mumlife

(The fact that you took the time to sit and answer these questions on such a hectic day is crazy! haha.  But, we totally appreciate it x.)


Girl Boss - Keren - KP Designs


8. Your little peg people and your prints are beautiful, where does your inspiration come from?

Most of my inspiration just comes from things around me, my kids, my garden, or just random thoughts that pop into my head while I'm meant to be sleeping at 2am!


9. What is the biggest challenge you face being the owner of a small creative business?

For me it's taking things too personally, this business is me, and I am it. I put everything I have into it, and when something doesn't do as well as I thought, it really hits me in the feels personally. That and when you face things like someone copying you, or taking your creative ideas, it can get a little personal haha. Maintaining a business from home does get a little isolating, apart from an amazing mums business group I am part of, I don't think i would still be running. They keep me sane!


Girl Boss - Keren - KP Designs


10. What does the future hold for KP Designs?

I can only hope its onwards and upwards! I would love to be able to continue this, and to continue creating art, designs and creations for you all. And, for it to continue to help support my family, so I can stay home and watch my babies grow up.


11. If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone who is wanting to turn their passion or hobby in to a business what would that be?

Do it properly. Start from the bottom, with your original ideas, create your business centered around a plan and grow it from there. Stand tall and persevere - it can get hard trying to stand out from the crowd, but if you trust in your product, others will see that and it will flourish.

(I am currently in this process, so I will definitely be taking this advice!)


Girl Boss - Keren - KP Designs


Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us a little more about who you are and the incredible business you have built up.  You are definitely an inspiration to me and I am sure to many other boss babes out there chasing their dreams and smashing their goals.


Where can we find you?

Website: kpdesigns.nz

Facebook: KP.art.design

Instagram: kpdesigns_nz

Email: kpdesignsnz@gmail.com

Go and check her out now!  You will not be disappointed.


Until next time.





What I have learnt in the first month of blogging - The top 6 lessons.

I had finished full time work and just become a new mum.  Obviously, this task alone is hard enough but no no, I decided this was the perfect time to start a blog.  I knew I needed something that was just for me.  How hard could it possibly be right? I can write a few posts each week (which will obviously gain a ton of followers and make some moolaa instantly), keep the house pristine and be the perfect mum. HA!!  What fairy land was I living in?

I guess if you just want to share stories with your friends and family blogging could totally be really simple and easy.  But, if you are truly wanting to get serious about it and turn it in a business (like I am) it is definitely not as easy as I first thought.  The amount of hours I spent initially researching how to get it set up is crazy enough let alone actually tackling this mammoth task.

But, as many hours as it takes and the one hundred and one things I have learnt and have yet to learn, it is exactly what I need in my new life of being a mummy.  I feel like I have something to say, something that may contribute to someone else's life in a positive way.  I want to do my part in serving the world. My goal is to (hopefully soon) turn it in to a business to help contribute to my family expenses so I can stay at home with my babe, continue to watch her grow and be there as much as I can.

So, what are the 6 things I have learnt in the first month of blogging?


1. The first 6 months are make or break (so I have been told)

Just starting out in the world of blogging is seriously a tough gig. I should know, I'm living it. I reading and listening to some of my now favourite successful bloggers, I keep hearing that the first six months are the hardest and you just have to stick it out.  So far they are spot on!

Personally, I didn't know a thing and I am still learning so much every day.  Not only is there all the technical stuff about building your site to learn but then there is everything else, social media, SEO, growing a mailing list, creating opt-ins, the perfect images, and of course writing the content and promoting it etc etc. *One tip I can offer is to find really good scheduling tools and create an editorial calendar.

I am hoping that I will eventually get in to the swing of things and find my own rhythms for everything that needs to be done (which is slowly starting to happen).

Also, it is your duty to get super excited about the small successes!  For me, the first success was actually pressing publish and launching my blog.  The second was getting a few subscribers that weren't my friend or family haha.  These are awesome things YOU have achieved and they deserve recognition.  Even your favourite blogger who has 200k email subscribers started where you are.

 The top 6 things I have learnt in the first month of blogging


2. There is such a thing as doing too much research

As I keep saying over and over again there is a heck of a lot to learn when it comes to blogging.  This was completely overwhelming to me when I first dove head first in to this world.  

I Googled, researched and read until I was dreaming blogging. I subscribed to sooo many blogs I thought would help me bit it was extremely overwhelming and made my head spin.  Keeping up with them all was impossible.  I have no ended up unsubscribing to the ones that I found that I didn't read.  This sounds harsh coming from a new blogger but honestly, if I am not reading their content or actively engaging, then I am of no value to them anyway.  That also applies to my readers as well.  Sometimes repelling is a really good thing.

My suggestion would be to find a couple of bloggers to follow that you love.  That have the information you are looking for and that you are going to actively engage with.  Also follow a few for fun.  Remember; business and pleasure. 

My top business blogger: Jenna Kutcher 

My top pleasure blogger: Emily Henderson

Bit of both: The Every Girl

I have really gotten in to podcast.  I find they fit in with my life a lot better then reading blogs.  I put one on when I'm doing the dishes, going to the gym, my daughters bath time etc.  I don't want this to be another 'subscribe overload,' so I am currently sticking to just two.

The Goal Digger Podcast

The top 6 things I have learnt in the first month of blogging - The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher is a great resource.

The Strategy Hour Podcast

The top 6 things I have learnt in the first month of blogging - The Strategy Hour Podcast

Click on the images and they will link you to their sites.  Also available on iTunes.


3. Create a schedule

When I first started, each day I would right down a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get done.  

An actual example from my first notebook:

  • Research and understand SEO and Tags
  • Learn how to correctly label photos
  • Find some blogging groups to join
  • Organise Pins in business folder
  • Retake Manuka Biotic photo
  • Research how to prepare images for your blog

Looking back, I only got 3/6 items checked off this list that day. Yes, I had a new baby and a house to look after etc but the one pit fall I was making was that there was no rhyme or reason to my to-do list.  It was just me rambling things off the top of my head.  This was my first mistake.

I now use a wall planner and plan my week in advance.  I designate specific tasks to each day.

Example of what my current week looks like:

Monday: Photos Day
  • Take scheduled photos
  • Lightroom research
  • Lightroom keywords
  • Start editing
Tuesday: Scheduling Day
  • What posts are coming up in the next month? (I have an editorial calendar to look at)
  • Plan social media for each upcoming post
  • Schedule emails for each post
  • Plan and schedule extra social media posts for the week
  • Plan photos for next week
Wednesday & Thursday: Writing Days 
  • Start drafting new posts
Friday: No Work Day
  • Read other blogs and actively engage
  • Actively engage with Facebook groups
  • Emails

Ok, I get this still looks like work but, to me it isn't.  I try and give myself one or two days a week where I just focus on these few little things.  My main focus is spending time with my daughter and Josh (if he is home.... army wife, remember? He is away a lot), while also getting around to any house work that I have neglected.

Saturday: Research Day
  • Post ideas
  • Photo inspiration
  • Possible Girlbosses
  • Possible charities
  • Other projects (these are specific, but I can't share them just yet)

This week, this day may not plan out like this. Josh has a football game in Palmerston North so Eva and I are thinking about going to watch him play.  Also, I usually have a 'Woocommerce Day' as I am currently working on opening a store as an extension to my blog - work in progress.

Sunday: Review Day
  • Review posts scheduled for the week
  • Review emails and social media posts scheduled for the week

As you can see, each day has a purpose and is designated to a specific subject.  I highly recommend creating a schedule like this.  It will help to keep you focused and stop you from bouncing from one topic to the next.  Before I started planning my week like this, it felt like I was constantly working but not really getting anything done.  My brain was a mushy overload and it was actually quite stressful.

I still use a notebook.  I constantly have 'light-bulb' moments of new posts and ideas and I need to get them out of my head to continue focusing on the tasks for the day.  Definitely stop to write them down but, don't let yourself be completely side tracked by it (I know, that is super hard sometimes).

Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get it all ticked off.  If you are like me and have a wee babe to think about as well as a house and a partner then sometimes the day is just not going to go as planned.  Life happens and that is totally OK.

The top 6 things I have learnt in the first month of blogging


4. Designate a work area

One thing I don't currently have, due to our house being so tiny and also a limited budget, is a dedicated work space.  Oh how I would love to have a Pinterest worthy office but, that is just not realistic for us right now.  However, if you do have the space and money to make this happen I would definitely recommend it.  

Right now, I currently work from the couch or the dinning table (mainly the couch as it is too cold in the kitchen).  Pillows prop my laptop and mouse, I have to move everything around if I need to take notes or get up to grab something, I end up with a sore back and generally just feel unorganised and not as productive as I could be.  Also it would be great to be able to walk away from my work without having to pack it all up. Just makes it a mission when you want to pop back to it for a few minutes here and there in-between changing nappies and giggling with a 7 month old.


5. This blog does not define me

Continually reminding myself that the success or failure of this blog is not the deciding factor of my worth.  First and foremost I am a mum and that is my priority.  It is so easy to get caught up in this thing.  The possibilities are endless but it is not the end of the world if it doesn't work.  That doesn't mean I am willing to give up it just means that if for some reason I had to or it didn't work out, that's OK. My life will not be over, haha.


6. Remembering this is meant to be fun

Remember, this is meant to be fun!  It is not worth getting COMPLETELY stressed about (there is bound to be a little stress).  I mean, if something comes up and you don't get that post out on time, yeah its annoying but who cares?  No one out there is following your EVERY move except you (and maybe your mum).

Have a plan and get serious but, know that it is not the most important thing in life. LIVING is the most important thing in life.  Always keep in the back of your mind why you started your blog to begin with and keep going back to that place.

The top 6 things I have learnt in the first month of blogging

If you are thinking of starting a blog these are some of the things you can expect.  It is hard and involves A LOT of time and effort but it is totally worth it. It is the perfect project for me as a new mum.  

Are you thinking about starting a blog? I would love to know if you found this helpful and if you would be interested in more posts related to blogging. let me know, email me, comment or find me on social media via the icon links on the side bar.






10 Actually Useful Baby Items For First Time Mums

10 Actually Useful Baby Items For First Time Mums

Eva is my first baby which meant getting to let my imagination run wild and starting from scratch in the baby department. I LOVED IT.  I didn't have a lot to do at work which gave me endless amounts of time to Pin until my hearts content when it came to baby needs, nursery decor inspiration, cute itty-bitty clothes and just anything and everything baby related.  Those baby RayBan sun glasses, NEED.  10 pairs of adorable labeled baby shoes, NEED.  This newborn tutu, NEED.  Obviously I didn't buy the tiny sunglasses but you get the picture.  My baby brain went mental.  You could literately spend thousands on all this crap that your kid cares absolutely nothing about!

There came a point where I seriously needed to be pointed in the right direction to the items that I would actually need or find useful.  In saying that, what works for someone else might not work for you.  So, six months down the track and in the full swing of this mothering thing, here is my list of baby items that I would highly recommend and buy all over again.


1. Mountain Buggy Swift

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - Mountain Buggy Swift - $699A pushchair is an essential item if you plan on getting out and about eventually. Or, if you are like me, in the kitchen when you are doing the dishes or cooking while trying to keep an eye on your little rascal.

I did spend a bit of time looking in to different pushchairs. I read a ton of reviews and went and tested them when I got the chance.

Being the tiny person I am, light weight and the least bulk possible the better.  Also, when making this decision my step-mums story always came to mind. She told me that on her first outing by herself with my little sister, all she can remember was Katie screaming in the car-seat while she unsuccessfully struggled to fold the pushchair away (there might have even been some of her own tears shed).  I feel the stress just thinking about this awful situation.  All ended well though, another woman saw her, came over and ended up just picking the whole stroller up and shoving it in the boot, haha.  Safe to say, the ease of unfolding and folding the pushchair was of high importance.

We ended up going with the Mountain Buggy Swift.  

  • Supper easy to fold away.
  • Not bulky, so fits in shops and down isles well.
  • Light weight at only 9kg.
  • Interchangeable - we had the capsule attached for the first few months.

Mountain Buggy NZ - $699


2. Summer Infant - Swaddle Me

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums- Summer Infant - Swaddle Me - $24.99

Most parents swaddle their baby's.  It stops their little arms and legs from uncontrollably waving about and waking them up, makes them feel safe and snug just like they were inside of their mumma and just generally helps them to sleep better.  Not to mention,  how cute are they all wrapped up like tiny baby burritos?!

These Swaddle Me wraps are the best!  No fuss and supper easy which is exactly what you want at 2am after changing your newborn right?  

You slip them in the little pouch, tuck one arm down and fold one side over, then tuck the other arm down and fold the front over which is all secured by valcro. So easy! We used these right up until Eva grew out of them.  By that time, she was also too strong for the valcro to hold her arms anyway.  

They also come in a range of colours and patterns to suit everyone's taste.

The Sleep Store - $24.95


3. Miracle Blanket

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - Miracle Blanket $34.95

The Miracle Blanket is another swaddle.  We used these once Eva out grew and became too strong for the Swaddle Me.  They do take a little more fussing around but it was a sure fire way to keep those tiny arms all tucked away.  If she wasn't swaddled she would wake her self up, end up scratching her little face (although we put mittens on her as well majority of the time) and just generally not sleep as soundly.

I would definitely suggest using the Miracle Blanket if you know your baby needs to be swaddled past the first couple of months.

If the weather is warmer you can still keep their arms swaddled while leaving their legs free which is handy.  Being made of cotton means they are also breathable so no need to worry about overheating.

The Sleep Store - $34.95


4. The Sleep Store - Merino Fleece Bassinet Blanket & Aden + Anais - Stroller Blanket

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - The Sleep Store - Navy Merino Fleece Bassinet Blanket - $49.95

The Sleep Store - Merino Fleece Bassinet Blanket

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - Aden + Anias Stroller Blanket $49.95

Aden + Anias - Stroller Blanket

These are the only two blankets I used when Eva was in her bassinet.  One merino and one 100% cotton muslin.  It is so important to use only natural materials as they help regulate your baby's temperature.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Being specifically bassinet size and stroller size meant that they weren't too bulky.  Easy to tuck in and no need to worry about them going over baby's head.  Also the perfect size for the pushchair and car-seat.  They washed up really well which was a bonus.

The Sleep Store blanket also comes in cream and the Aden + Anias blanket comes in a massive range of colours and patterns.

I love these so much that I have the exact same two blankets but in the cot sizes.  They don't get used as much as these two did as she mainly sleeps in a sleeping bag.


The Sleep Store - $49.95 (each)


5. Woolbabe - Sleeping Bag

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - Woolbabe Duvet Sleeping Bag - $179

Oh how I love this product!!  Yes, it is a little on the pricier side but it is worth every penny I swear.  It is an organic cotton/merino blend and is just beautiful.  Depending on room temperature just adjust what baby is wearing when using the sleeping bag.  

I do personally freak out a little bit with blankets as I am scared she is going to pull them up over her face but I definitely sleep easy using the Woolbabe and I know she is going to be kept snug as a bug. 

The Sleep Store - $179


6. Marpac Hushh - Continuous White Noise Machine

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - Marpac Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine - $79.95

Did you realise how noisy it is for your baby when they are inside you?  Apparently it is louder than a vacuum cleaner! They have had this constant noise for nine months now and all of a sudden they are being put in this quiet room to sleep and we wonder why it doesn't work so well.

This little baby is the best!  It is a continuous (is not on a timer which is what you want) white noise machine which is helps transition them from the comfort of your noisy tummy to the outside world.  There are three settings and volume control.  Better still, it doesn't take batteries.  It comes with a USB cable but conveniently enough, my phone charger fits perfectly.

My baby is now six months old and I still use it.  She actually stares at it and waits for me to turn it on when she is put down for her naps haha.

Anything to help the baby sleep right?

One down side with mine is that there is a little flashing light when it needs charging.  This is super annoying in the middle of the night as it woke baby up! Grrr.  I just make sure I constantly charge it now.  Apparently the makers have rectified the issue so you shouldn't have any problems with this.

The Sleep Store - $79.95


7. Gro Egg

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums

The weather where we live is crazy erratic.  One day it will be freezing and I'll get the fire going and the next it's warm and sunny and we will be outside with shorts and t-shirts.  Not to mention in snows in the winter.  To top it off, we live in an old house so keeping it at a nice temperature is a pain in the bum.

All this was annoying when it was just Josh and myself but now that we have Eva I definitely want to make sure it is just right.  That is where the Gro Egg comes in handy.  It is a cute little egg shape thermometer that changes colour depending on the temperature of the room.  It displays the actual temperature and even has little happy and sad faces.  Blue for too cold, yellow for perfect, orange for getting a little warm and red for too hot.  This just sits in her room and it is brainless way for me to keep her just right, because honestly, I wouldn't have a clue.  I am always hot at night so definitely not a good indicator.

The Sleep Store - $59.95


8. Original Cloth Nappies

List of 10 actually useful baby items for first time mums

These things are awesome.  I use them as burp cloths and to wipe her food covered face after getting some vege down her.  Just for whatever basically.    No fuss, thick, durable and cheap.  They get used 24/7 in our house and then just get chucked in the wash.  Simple and easy and I wouldn't go without them.

Baby Factory - $34.95 (6 Pack)

9. B. Box Nappy Holder

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - b.box nappy wallet - $34.9510 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - b.box nappy wallet - $34.95

A compact, clutter free way to store nappies and wipes when you go out and about.  Has a compartment to hold wipes which can be accessed both internally and externally and space to hold a few nappies.  Comes in a range of colours and even has a little change mat. Saves the rummaging around in the massive baby bag.  It's all right there, good to go.

The Sleep Store - $34.95


10. Manuka Biotic

10 Actually Useful baby Items for First Time Mums - Manuka Biotic - $19.95

Eva had quite red, dry patches of skin on her elbows, knees and tummy.  I just couldn't quite get rid of it no matter what I tried.  After reading a review from another mum about Manuka Biotic I decided there would be no harm in giving it a go.  Nothing else seemed to be working.  Not even my beloved coconut oil was completely doing the trick (how could it fail me!).  

I have a full post on this product so click here to read more. 

Manuka Biotic website - $19.99  


So, there you have it.

My list of the top 10 items I would recommend investing in when preparing for a new baby.  But, at the end of the day, as long as your little, lovable creature has a warm place to sleep, a full belly and the safety of your arms, then that is really all they need.  I hope this helps anyway.




Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.

Angel Gowns NZ

When Eva was born she almost didn’t make it.  From what I have been told, with the way things were going, another five minutes inside of me and she wouldn’t be here today.  She is now a happy, healthy and thriving little girl, with all the sass and attitude an almost seven month old could possibly have. And I love it.  Despite this, you would be surprised at how often the 'what if' thought crosses my mind.  What if I woke up from anesthesia and instead of handing me my brand new little piece of absolute heaven on earth, they told me the one thing that would have made my world come crashing down? What if she didn't make it?  This thought, the idea that this could have been my reality still haunts me and makes me cherish Eva more than ever.

I was a lucky one.

Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.

Some mothers (and fathers for that matter) don't get the luxury of only having to deal with the same 'what ifs' like I do.  For some, my worst nightmare, my 'what if' is their reality.  My heart breaks for them.  Some make it full term, go through the emotional and incredibly intense experience of labour expecting to meet their beautiful baby and then things take a turn for the worst.  For some, the devastation happens a little earlier.  At the end of the day, it doesn't matter when or where or how.  It happened, and no words can express the tragedy these mothers, these families have experienced.

Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.

For these reasons, the charity I have chosen for May is Angel Gowns NZ.

The original idea was founded by US hospital worker Michelle Matthews.  Angel Gowns NZ was started by midwife Kirstin Rouse who is based at River Ridge Birth Centre in Hamilton.  I first found out about Angel Gowns from my midwife Mel who is based at the same birth centre.  

Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.


The Angel Gowns project takes donated wedding dresses and turns them in to beautiful little gowns for stillborn babies to be clothed in. Turning something that was worn for an incredibly happy day, worn with love, a dress that is so precious to someone now being worn by a tiny, incredibly precious baby is truly heartwarming in a very bitter-sweet kind of way.

Parents are given the opportunity to spend time with, cuddle, bathe and dress their angel.  Some parents have clothing which is too big or they just can't bare going out to shop for an outfit. So, having the option of dressing their baby in something so special and unique is a gift they will always cherish.

Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.

The support for Angel Gowns NZ is absolutely amazing

The Facebook page @angelgownsnz has over 10,000 likes.  The support is so great that they aren't taking anymore dresses at this stage as they are completely overflowing.  Having to say no, due to an overload for something like this is only ever a good thing in my books.  But please, don't let this stop you from going and showing your support.  'Like' the page, take a look at all the beautiful gowns that have been created and keep an eye out, as Kristin will let you know when they are taking more dresses.  

Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.


Angel Gowns is an organisation set up to create something unique, special and beautiful out of preloved wedding gowns for baby's who have passed away before they even had the chance.

The effort these incredible people put in to even the tiniest of details is amazing.

If there is tugging at your heart for the need to support somehow, send a message via the Facebook page and I'm sure they will be able to give you some more information.



Please go and check out 'A Good Cause' home page for a little more info on why I have chosen to have a giving back section.

Keren, from KP Designs is the creator of the gorgeous little angel peg people featured in the images. Go to KP Designs to check out more of her amazing work!

(Background header image courtesy of @jennakutcher)


 Being a mum is the most challenging task in the world at times. This is a little reminder to just stop, take a breath and to cherish every moment.

A Reminder To Myself, Cherish Every Moment

I always think to myself, I can’t wait until you sleep through the night because I am sick to death of the never-ending exhaustion. That I can’t wait until I can stop breast feeding because I don’t like that my body isn’t my own anymore. That I can't wait until you are a bit older so I can have more than an hour or two of ‘me’ time because my social life is basically non-existent with you.  But the truth is, every moment with you is precious.  I get a lump in my throat thinking that these moments, (the ones that I can’t wait to end) are the ones that are so sacred to just you and I, WILL one day, soon end.  A reminder to myself, cherish every moment.

A Reminder To Myself - Cherish Every Moment. Sometimes being a new mum is hard.  Don't wish away those moments.  One day you will want them back.  Live in the moment.

The moment when I get up to you during the night and your face turns in to a beaming smile when you see mine. When I start to feed you and you snuggle in to me the way you do only during the quiet hours of the night.  When your little hand escapes from your swaddle and caresses me because you just want to be close.  The way you smile and coo to only me as we sit and cuddle for a few moments when you have finished that night feed.  I will treasure that moment with you which is fast fleeting, even though I can barely keep my eyes open.  A reminder to myself, cherish every moment.

A Reminder To Myself - Cherish Every Moment. Sometimes being a new mum is hard.  Don't wish away those moments.  One day you will want them back.  Live in the moment.

I am always excited to watch you reach the next milestone while I am constantly reminding myself to live in the moment.  You are growing so fast and soon you won’t be my baby girl anymore. Even though your growth will bring its own set of unique moments that I will cherish, there will always be part of me that will long for the precious times that I wished away.  The times where I was all you needed.  The times no one else got but I was blessed enough to share with you.  A reminder to myself, cherish every moment.

A Reminder To Myself - Cherish Every Moment. Sometimes being a new mum is hard.  Don't wish away those moments.  One day you will want them back.  Live in the moment.

I am not perfect.  Sometimes I will fail you and I am so sorry for that.  My dream for you is that you will grow to be strong, independent, caring, compassionate, have your own personal love for God, an absolute passion for life and value your beauty on the inside more than what is on the outside.  I will do my best to help you in all these areas and I will always be beside you in any path you choose to take.  If that path makes you stumble and fall I promise I will be there to help pick you back up.  A reminder to myself, cherish every moment.

You are my unexpected miracle and I am nothing less than blessed to be your mummy.

I love you baby girl,

Your Mumma


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