6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.

6 Of My Favourite Pieces In My Home

If I could have been anything I would have been an interior designer.  I know what you are thinking, "Why aren't you?"  Well, when I was a very impressionable teenager, a careers adviser organised for me to meet with a local interior designer to chat with her about the industry.  This women then went on by saying that I shouldn't even bother perusing this particular career path because if I didn't know anyone, then I wouldn't make it. Wow, thanks lady. What a way to shatter a 15 year olds dreams.  From what I know now, it is a tough industry to crack.  But, even if she was right, she definitely didn't let me down gently. Who knows, I could have been great.  So, for now, my love and passion for furniture, colours and home decor will have to stay confined to my own four walls.  

Unfortunately, going down to one income and adding another mouth to feed to our little family means that this particular passion of mine has come to an even bigger halt (new cushion or nappies for the week?.....hmmm).  So, I can either sulk about it or I can get creative and use what I have.  The other thing this has made me truly think about is the fact that we actually have a lot of stuff.  We are blessed and there are a lot of people out there that would feel so incredibly grateful to have what we do.  Even though it is not the furniture and decor of my dreams, it could be a heck of a lot worse.  As much as I would love to do a complete overhaul, my new life situation has really made me learn to be content with what I have.  I don't have the latest and greatest of everything but, it is not a need.  It is a want.    

So, I got to thinking. Instead of focusing of everything I would love to change why don't I focus on the items that I do really love?  Here goes...



My bookcase is made of five rough and completely untouched crates.  Maybe the up-cycle trend of crates and pallets is done and dusted but I actually really love this bookcase.  It somehow brings a little texture and rugged personality to our living area.  It isn't mixy-matchy with the rest of our furniture but it ties in well with the natural earthy tones I have gone for which is a combination of light wood and grey with little pops of navy and brassy gold.

The best thing about this piece of furniture is that it was completely FREE! Josh grabbed the crates that were left lying around from his Christmas work party and banged it together himself.  Homemade is always better anyway. 


Favourite Pieces In My Home

Don't hate, I loved Twilight when it came out OK.


World Map Canvas

I love maps and globes!  (I really want a globe).  This is actually a map showing the principal steamship routes and submarine cables, making it a little unique from most world maps.  It is navy with touches of brass which ties in perfectly with the rest of our living room.  This was a bargain!  Purchased from Nood for $150 (roughly).  HALF PRICE. Was definitely a spur of the moment buy but how could we not?!  I love art and it can really bring a room together.

My one piece of simple advice when purchasing art would be to really consider the space you are purchasing for and make sure you LOVE it.  Never buy for the sake of buying!


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


Jamie Kay Cross Blanket

There is something about black and white that I just can't step away from.  As much as I would love to add a soft, feminine girly touch to our bedroom I can't resist the clean, crisp monochrome look.  

I am extremely specific about how the bed is made each morning.  Everything has its place.  Including this blanket.  In saying that, on the odd occasion that Josh does make the bed I am grateful for the effort and I do leave it be. (Ha)

The Jamie Kay Cross blanket is a bit of a splurge item though. (Totally worth it).  Luckily, I was completely spoilt and my mother in-law Jo, gave it to me for my birthday. Thank you Jo!

For practical reasons, it is always good.  I am one of those hot sleepers so I hate having lots of layers of bedding, even in winter.  So this is perfect for when it gets a little chilly in the night.  Pretty and practical (also reversible).

Also, I always lean toward plain (generally white) duvets so mixing it up with different throw blankets is my way off adding a point of difference.  Keep it simple people.  Unless you love colour, then heck, go crazy! DO YOU.  


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.

Excuse the white dog hair... seriously, you cannot get rid of it.


Tiger Cushion

I don't know what it is about cushions but I am obsessed with them! Like, I actually cannot get enough. So weird right?  

One of my all time favourite home decor stores is The Design Depot in Hamilton (one day I will own the contents in this store I swear). Casually strolling around the store and what do you know, a bunch of cushions for $10!  (Last seasons, making way for the new).  This little gem was hidden in the stack. I get that there is nothing overly special about it and a tiger might not be to everyone's liking but there is something about it that I love and that is all that matters.  Maybe it's because tigers are my favourite animal.  I don't know.


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


Bedside Tables

Again with the left over crates.  We do actually have proper bedside tables but our teeny tiny bedroom couldn't fit them and the bassinet when Eva moved in, so out they went.  Pieces of wood nailed to the top to create a flat surface and WHA-LA, they were the perfect fit.  Eva has now grown way to fast and is in her own room but, I definitely prefer these. So, until my creative, furniture budget is extended, they are here to stay and that is fine by me.

I find they also add a touch of natural, rustic softness which this otherwise stark room definitely needs.


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

My final pick of the bunch is the round, copper framed mirror in our bedroom. A Kmart buy, would you believe?! 

Everything in our room is very square and straight edge so the round mirror breaks that up a little.  It also ties in the copper bedside lamps.  There is also something about the chain that really appeals to me, maybe it adds a little more depth and texture to the room.  Almost like a piece of art.

Because it is placed on the opposite wall to the windows, it helps bounce the light around the room making it feel that tiny bit lighter, brighter and bigger.


6 Favourite Items In My Home - Look around and learn to appreciate what you have.


The fascinating thing about my 6 favourite items list is that they are far from being the most expensive pieces in our home.  In fact, funnily enough, they are actually some of the cheapest.  As much as we would all love to go and splurge on the most stunning and beautifully unique pieces of furniture, home-wares and accessories, it is totally not necessary. There is always a way to satisfy that design desire by working within the confines of any budget.

Right now, even shopping at Kmart for things like this is not on our to do list.  So, like I said at the start, learning to love and be totally happy and content with what I have right now is so important.  At the end of the day it is only stuff.  Do you need to be more content?  I challenge you to go around your home and find 5 items you love the most and focus on that, not on what you want to change. 

Probably an idea we can and should apply to other areas of our lives too.

What is your most loved item in your home?  Was it a splurge or a save?  Comment below.



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One perk of finding out I was pregnant (after the shock had disappeared) was that I had a perfect excuse to create a beautiful little room.  As this news also meant we would soon be living off one income that meant this little project of mine had to be done without breaking the bank. So, with my one-time experience (ha), here is my answer/example to ‘How to Create a Beautiful Baby Girl's Room on a Budget.’

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am not overly girly.  I grew up with a dad and a brother.  I road motor cross bikes, BMX, built huts and there was not a dress in sight! Obviously as I got older, the love of clothes, makeup and shoes entered the equation.  But, until now, there still hadn’t been a lot of pink in my life.

I wanted Eva's room to be pretty and girly but in an almost understated kind of way.  Obviously, being who I am, meant no overwhelming array of hot pink and purple (totally get this is some peoples jam which is cool, you do you).

Step One – Choose your colours

Personally, I started with a base colour and then chose three other colours.  I would suggest no more than this as it can start to look a little messy and all over the place.  Here is what I went with…

  • Base Colour: Light, natural wood/white
  • Colour #1: Blush Pink
  • Colour #2: Navy
  • Colour #3: Gold

As we live in a rented military house things like painting or wallpaper was out of the question.  Besides that, it is also a little pricey and not easily changed later on. Thankfully, decals have become crazy popular.  My mother in law works for The Sleep Store which is an online baby shop (hit the jackpot with that one I can tell you), anyway, they stock an awesome range of decals at great prices (and everything else baby your heart could possibly desire).  I went with simple dots which happened to include my top three colours.  I was totally stoked. 

Step Two – Choose your main pieces of furniture

Three things to consider when choosing pieces of furniture:

  1. What do you need in the room?
  2. What is the size of the room?
  3. If you are working with a small space is there anything you could do without as to not over clutter the room?

The space I had to work with in our tiny, two-bedroom house, is well, small.  I would have loved to have a beautiful, comfy chair to sink in to for feeding, cuddles and reading books but there just wasn’t room. So, sadly I scratched that item off the list.  Also, it was classed as a luxury item and there was no room in my budget for it, let alone in the room.

My list:

  • Cot
  • Set of drawers
  • Single bed
  • Bookshelf (small)

How to create a little girls room on a budget - How I did it.

Cot – For obvious reasons. Purchased from The Sleep Store.  I will admit, I did allow myself one splurge item which was my Cariboo bassinet (which sits next to our bed). It’s beautiful and I have no regrets. 

Set of drawers – Obvious reasons again.  Where would I stack the mountain of clothes this tiny thing already had and she wasn’t even born yet! Purchased from The Warehouse.  Instead of purchasing another set, Josh and I cleared out his and somehow managed to cram everything in to my set of drawers and our wardrobe so that his one could be used in the baby's room.  An easy way to save money.

Single bed – As Josh does shift work as a firefighter, he doesn’t always know what his day will bring. Going to call outs exhausted because of a screaming baby wasn’t going to be ideal which is understandable.  We decided having a single bed would be a good idea so Eva and I could have a sleep over in her room on the rough nights.

Seeing as eventually she would need a big girl bed of her own anyway I chose one that I loved.  A metal bedframe in white.  That was what I wanted and I was not willing to settle for anything less. Finding one in a suitable price range however, was another story. After numerous Googles of every store possible, my workmate introduced me to the world of Mocka!  Mocka is an online furniture/home décor store based in Christchurch. They have some awesome products and even better prices, and just to make your day.... FREE SHIPPING!

Bookshelf – For all the books and oh so cute accessories of course!  Mocka once again made this purchase more than doable (let’s be honest, a bookshelf is necessarily a necessity).

I am really not in love with the styling of the bookcase.  It's one thing i seem to struggle with.  Maybe its the choice of accessories, the size of it, I just don't know.  Something I will work on but obviously not life or death.

Step Three – Choosing accessories

This is the extra fun part.  I had so much fun buying all these cute little items and spent hours arranging and rearranging them.  They are the details that tie the whole thing together so do not tell me they are not essential (ha).

When gathering these little pieces of happiness (yes, I know that sounds sad but I don’t care) keep in mind the following….

  • Stick to your chosen colour pallet.
  • Picture where you would put the item in the room (sometimes, less is more).
  • Could you get a similar item from somewhere else for a better price?  Or, is it worth waiting for a sale? (This is where the budget creeps in).
  • Can you pinch items from other rooms in your house and re-home them in your nursery?

How I did it.

I wanted a large, framed simple piece of art to compliment the room but struggled to find anything that was in our price range.  So, I ended up doing a bit of DIY.  I found this picture which I thought was perfect, but was in an ugly thin, plastic black frame. Hmmm *think think think*... duh, find another frame!  So, that’s what I did.  Found a frame I liked and swapped the picture out.  All this for a total of just $35!!  I was more than happy.

The cushions are from two of my favourite stores which are on the pricier side (but totally stunning...go and check them out if you haven't, Nood and the Design Depot).  I got all the cushions on sale so were totally justified purchases. 

The little lights wrapped around the bedframe are another Mocka purchase.  They look so pretty but also double as a night light when feeding.

The basket was my partner’s grandmothers who had passed away.  His parents were going to get rid of it so I took it and filled it with all her soft toys. All other accessories I found along the way from places like Kmart, The Warehouse, Typo or were given as gifts.  I even suggest going to second hand stores.  You never know what you might find.

Overall, I am more than happy with the way Eva’s room has turned out.  As much as I love designer furniture stores it is definitely possible to create something beautiful on a budget.  At the end of the day, as long as your baby has warm clothes, a full belly and a safe place to sleep that is all that matters.

Just to point out, I am no interior design expert. I just have a passion for it.  So, if you take nothing else away from this post just remember this.... just do you!  Find things you love. Play around and then change it all over again.  You don’t need to play by the ‘design rules,’ just find what you love and go with it.  That’s exactly what I do.


What is your favourite piece in your baby's room?