Life's Little Pleasures is all about making sure we take time to enjoy the things we personally love in life.


What makes you tick?

All to often our lives are filled with an abundance of stress, monotonous chores, errands and just general BLA.  I don't know about you, but for me, I need to purposely make time to do something in my day or week that may not serve any other purpose that to make my soul happy.  In getting to know myself better, I know that doing something as little as spending half an hour nestled down with a cup of coffee and a good book does wonder for my mental health and attitude, which obviously only positively benefits my role as a mother and also a partner.

I highly recommend and encourage you to put down that everlasting list of chores and make time to do whatever it is that you love.  You are important too!  

So welcome to the little corner of For Eva After where you will find a few of the things that give me pleasure in life.




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