A section of For Eva After dedicated to all the mums out there who are completely winging it. Tips + tricks. My journey at becoming a first time mum and trying to keep a little piece of my own identity in the process.

What being a mummy looks like in my life....

(Well, we are still figuring that one out)

Ok, I know I said when I was introducing myself that this blog was something for me because I wasn’t just a mum, but the incredibly, amazing, absolutely wonderful fact is that I am a mum.  I would not change that for anything.  So obviously, there was bound to be a section of my blog dedicated to the biggest part of my life.... The mum life.

In Mum Life you will find personal ups and downs in my journey as a first time mum, products I love and tips and tricks I learn along the way.  Plus, probably a whole lot more.  It may even become a way for me to vent every now and then so apologies in advance (but I’m sure all the mums out there will understand).

So, if you want to laugh, cry, cringe and have your heart melt through all the nitty gritty with me, then this would be the place to do it.  (Please do…. I’m going to need the support). 

If you can offer any help or have any stories of your own you would love to share, please feel free to email me at nastasia@forevaafter.com



Let me know what you think of my very first Mum Life post. Read here 🙂

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